The Care-Based Organizing concept was developed by looking at the Care Manifesto published by the Care Collective in the period of the pandemic (Care Collective, The Care Manifesto, Verso, 2020). Besides care, as work carried out in order to fulfill the physical and emotional requirements of people, this study, focusing on a perspective with care in its center, is discussing the steps necessary for life to be well and for it to develop. And most important of all, instead of a liberal approach focusing on independence, it brings up the importance of co-dependency.

            We are trying to think of this perspective in a scope that will make it possible for political circles to think about individual, organizational and social areas all together. We are aiming at transforming the masculine ways of policy making and organizing prevailing in Turkey on the one hand, and interpreting democratic organizing not as a set of requests focusing on meeting of individual demands and requirements, as is frequently done, but over queer feminist care based organizing, where opposite interests and responsibilities are being fulfilled, where inclusion is evaluated beyond including identities and where awareness is raised about political endeavor.  

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