What Are We Doing?

When we hear the term “political well-being”, a number of confused thoughts pop up in our minds. It is not entirely clear what is meant by “well-being”, let alone “political well-being”, is it?

Political Well-Being is based on envisioning the mental, physical and emotional aspects of empowerment simultaneously and in a way that includes individual, organizational and social levels.

We approach individual, organizational and social empowerment simultaneously and in relation to each other, and try to spread the concept of care-based organizing. At the same time, we carry out various activities to ensure that care-based politics can also be decisive in terms of citizens’ voting tendencies.

To spread political well-being and the approach of care-based organizing in Türkiye;

  • We founded the Political Well-Being Platform. The platform meets once a month on specific topics and produces concrete outputs.
  • Through online and face-to-face workshops and panels, we try to reach activists and those interested in political struggle from all over Türkiye.
  • Through our studies on well-being, we highlight the factors that are important for the well-being of activists and citizens.
  • With our practical information notes, we offer guidance on issues that shape political organizations but are not systematically discussed.
  • Within our project titled “Arada Kaynamasın” (Don’t Let It Pass Unnoticed), we gather news of resilience, achievements and hopeful developments that continue to flourish from all over Türkiye despite all kinds of oppression, despair and deteriorating living conditions.

We run and are planning to run researches on citizens', political activists', workers', women's and LGBTİQ's well-being

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We came together with activists who mind transforming the concept of politics and empowering struggles and organizations on the basis of well-being and resilience, and together we established the Political Well-Being Platform. Encouraging comradely criticism on topics that pose problems in organizations but are not addressed politically and systematically, we come together every month and contribute to the democratic struggle in Türkiye by creating concrete outputs.

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We are organizing online meetings on well-being in authoritarian regimes and we are planning face-to-face workshops on queer feminist care based organizing throughout our study.

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We compile our common achievements for you and share them in monthly videos, so that our political achievements that we obtained against all odds do not pass unnoticed in the debilitating news of authoritarianism and the despair of masculine politics that focuses on failure and shortcomings.


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While waging political struggle; we prepare guides that facilitate the processes in demonstrations and our organizations, that are cheerful, that enable the production of collective politics, and that contain information strengthening solidarity and comradeship.

While some of these guides are the outputs of the Political Well-Being Platform meetings, others are prepared for you by experts in the field.

Feel free to use these guides in your own organizations and to contact us for this purpose.


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Inspiring Solidarity, Failure
and Success Stories for Politics

We collect individual and organizational solidarity, success and failure stories which may inspire the way of politics and organizing.
Would you like to contribute with your story?



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The purpose of the Association of Equity Studies (EÇD) is to work for elimination of all kinds of inequalities, and first of all gender inequality. In line with this purpose, the Association was established in order to prevent justification of inequality, to eliminate and to compensate damages created by inequality, to work in order to eliminate the causes of inequality, to work so that all legal rights for equality are exercised and that they are developed, and to develop solidarity between those subject to inequality.
In this scope, various studies and visits are being made and reports are being prepared.
In order to contact the Association: https://esitlikcalismalari.org/bize-ulasin/ https://esitlikcalismalari.org/bize-ulasin/
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