What Are We Doing?

We are organizing online meetings on well-being in authoritarian regimes and we are planning face-to-face workshops on queer feminist care based organizing throughout our study.

When exposure to sad news reaches over a certain level, this can even trigger concerns not directly related with the subject of the news.

We have a Political Well-Being Platform" made up of participants of social movements, political parties, democratic organizations, academicians, researchers, artists and yoga teachers, who are working in different fields where political well-being perspective in Turkey can be strengthened.

We are organizing panel discussions on subjects such as Well Being in Authoritarian Regimes, common life, politics and organization between genders, collective healing, care based organizing, and freedom of expression in terms of wellness.

We are trying to strengthen and to make more prevalent the perspective for political well being in our social media accounts with daily, weekly or monthly campaigns and with your participation.

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